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Susanne Winkler's research interests are syntactic theory, its connection to the theory of focus and the syntax- semantics and syntax-phonology interface. She is also interested in questions of local and global ambiguities. A new research area is neurolinguistics and the question of the syntactic and semantic processing in children with left-hemispheric lesions. This topic is developed together with her colleagues Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann and Dr. Karen Lidzba.

She is heading a 4 year grant by the German Science Foundation on the topic of "Fokuskonstruktionen und Freezing" (Focus Constructions and Freezing) within the SFB-Center 833 (SFB833) at the University of Tübingen.

Together with her colleagues from the Children's University Hospital in Tübingen, Dr. K. Lidzba und Prof. Dr. I. Krägeloh-Mann, she is heading a project with the title "Die Syntax und Semantik Reorganisierter Sprache und ihre neuronale Architektur" (The Syntax and Semantics of Reorganized Language and its Neuronal Architecture). This project is also funded for 4 years within SFB-Center 833 (SFB833) at the University of Tübingen.

She is also part of an interdisciplinary graduate program (Promotionsverbund) on the topic of "Dimensionen der Ambiguität" (Dimensions of Ambiguity) together with her colleagues Prof. Dr. M. Bauer (literary studies), Prof. Dr. J. Knape (rhetoric), Prof. Dr. P. Koch (linguistics).

She published the book with the title "Ellipsis at the Interface." The book will be based on research conducted in connection with her habilitation project which was finished last summer. This work sets out in finding an answer to the question of why our mind perceives more than we see and understands more than we hear. In particular, in this work she develops a derivational model of grammar with the goal of explaining the information structural differences between so-called sentence-bound and discourse-bound ellipses. This work was supported by a DFG-Habilitation-grant.

She concluded the research project B13 with the title "Ellipse und Informationsstruktur im Englischen" within the Sonderforschungsbereich 441.


Syntaxtheorie, Ellipsenforschung, Intonation und Fokus, Syntax-Semantics-Schnittstelle, Spracherwerbsforschung.

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